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transcription factor CP2-like 1; Transcriptional suppressor. May suppress UBP1-mediated transcriptional activation. Modulates the placental expression of CYP11A1 (479 aa)
upstream binding protein 1 (LBP-1a); Functions as a transcriptional activator in a promoter context-dependent manner. Modulates the placental expression of CYP11A1. Involved in regulation of the alpha-globin gene in erythroid cells. Activation of the alpha-globin promoter in erythroid cells is via synergistic interaction with TFCP2 (By similarity). Involved in regulation of the alpha-globin gene in erythroid cells. Binds strongly to sequences around the HIV-1 initiation site and weakly over the TATA-box. Represses HIV-1 transcription by inhibiting the binding of TFIID to the TATA-box (540 aa)
Mdm2 p53 binding protein homolog (mouse); Inhibits TP53/p53- and TP73/p73-mediated cell cycle arrest and apoptosis by binding its transcriptional activation domain. Functions as a ubiquitin ligase E3, in the presence of E1 and E2, toward p53 and itself. Permits the nuclear export of p53 and targets it for proteasome-mediated proteolysis. Functions as an ubiquitin ligase E3 toward ARRB1 (By similarity) (497 aa)
(Homo sapiens)
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